Terms and conditions

General Obligations


Use of this site for anyone below 18 is prohibited.


Customer Obligations


Clients are required to clearly indicate all the relevant information such as the address where the product shall be delivered. Clients are to settle all the expenses such as the price of the product and all expenses related to transport and delivery. Customs specialists frequently survey obligations and levies on tobacco items, these are the duty of the purchaser. Please all necessary measures will be taking care to avoid this levies, always advise in ORDER NOTES.



Acceptance of agreement


You (“Client”) consent to the agreements illustrated in this Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) This Agreement establishes the whole and just arrangement between latiendadecigarros.com and the Client. The content, products or services provided by or through the latiendadecigarros.com site, and the topic of this Agreement. This Agreement might be changed by us whenever and occasionally without explicit notification to the Client.




The Client represents and warrants that if he is purchasing something from La Tienda De Cigarros that (i) any credit card information he supplies is true, correct and complete, (i) charges incurred by him will be honored by your credit card company, and (iii) he will pay the charges incurred by him at the posted prices, including any shipping fees and applicable taxes.


All prices DO NOT include VAT and are tax-free. Payment can be made securely using one of the following methods: Credit cards, ZELLE, Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Cash app also accept cheques, banker’s drafts or Electronic bank transfer


If the issuer of your payment refuses to authorize, we have the right to cancel the order (the client is responsible for any bank or conversion duties).If these are not taken by the client, the sum due will be deducted in product from the order. Please contact us for more details if you have questions concerning any other method of payment


We reserve the right to refuse any payment and/or to impose a payment method.

Tobacco Importation and Customs


Tobacco related laws differ from one country to another. We ship practically everywhere but there are countries where importation of Cuban goods may be prohibited. The Client confirms that he knows the applicable laws pertaining to the purchase and importation of Cuban Cigars from abroad to his shipping address.

LA TIENDA DE CIGARROS is not in a position to be fully aware of all regulations pertaining to customs offices all over the world hence assumes that each Client is fully aware of the conditions and regulations applied by his domestic customs system.


In the event Customs returns the packages to our warehouse, we will issue a full refund if and when the package arrives in our warehouse in re-saleable condition.




It must be noted that all Cuban cigars bought at latiendadecigarros.com for the United States are not for resale and should serve for personal use alone.


Satisfaction and Delivery Guarantee

https://latiendadecigarros.com/ assures that our items are authentic and they have passed all the necessary measures to make sure they matches the details that are provided in the website on the time the order was processed. We guarantee our products have exceptional freshness and quality. This is the only warranty and assurance that we have and no other will be given whether implied or expressed.


Delivery is guaranteed except for situations that arise from Client error such as:


– Wrong or insufficient address


– Address change due to relocation or a move


– Unsuccessful delivery due to customer not being present at the delivery address


– Assumed loss of the package(s) after delivery (package tracking shows delivered but the Client says he has not received the package)


The Client acknowledges that NO REFUND IS DUE if the package does not get delivered to the Client due to one of the above reasons.



The delivery guarantee does NOT cover re-shipped packages as replacement for the non-delivered orders covered by the delivery guarantee. In other words, if latiendadecigarros.com is re-shipping you a particular order due to a previous delivery issue, there is no refund of any kind, if the replacement package does not show up.


Last but not least, the delivery guarantee claim period is 3 months from the time the order has been shipped. Any claims beyond this period will not be honored.


Refund, Return and Cancellation Policy


For severely damaged or poor quality goods on arrival please contact us within 14 DAYS of receiving the cigars, we can issue replacements or refund your money according to your preference, but for refunds to be issued, we must have past the 15 days to declare a loss or have the package returned back to us.


For items that arrive damaged or moldy, we will offer a resolution to the client to make them whole. This will include either a partial credit, partial refund, or full refund upon returning the box. If you ask for the box to remain sealed, it means we cannot inspect it prior to dispatch, and we may not be responsible for the condition it arrives in.


In case the order is being declared as “lost” by a courier we will replace it with a new shipment within period of 10 days or issue a refund. If you don’t receive your shipment after 30 days of shipment notification, please contact us via email and we will proceed with shipment investigation.


We Now Accept Bitcoin!


We are all ready to begin, now LA TIENDA DE CIGARROS accepts Bitcoin as a method of payment and even offers a 12% discount to customers who pay using the currency.

What do you know about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system, it is the first decentralized digital currency, usable by any online device – the system works without a central repository or single administrator. It offers anonymity, low or no transaction fees, instant transfer, no approval process and many other advantages giving the fact its a sort of investment. If you wish to know more enter this URL into a browser window: bitcoin.org, thus to make it short you can buy stuff with it.

How do you Get Bitcoins.

There are several ways to get Bitcoins, but the easiest is to exchange them for currency at a Cryptocurrency exchange such as Coinbase or Abra. Then you need a wallet to store your coins and purchase goods with them, Coinbase or Blockchain are both well known. You can also receive Bitcoins from family, friends, accept them as a form of payment, or create new Bitcoins by mining them. Once your have your wallet all setup, you can transfer to and from different wallets as well.


How are Bitcoins Advantageous

In the norms to go through normal banking channels, it would take at least two or more days for transaction to be completed and get the money out, which at the same time delays delivery and shipping process to our customers. Not to mention the problem with currency movements over such a time period.”

“The alternative to that was costing us about 11%-13% through Visa or Paypal. However with bitcoin it only takes an hour and the cost is usually only 1% of the transaction.”

Getting started:

1. To be able to buy & pay with Bitcoins, you need to create a Bitcoin account (a wallet). The following sites offer this possibility for free:



2. Now that you have a wallet, you need bitcoins. Here is a list of secure exchanges which offer bitcoins that can be bought with USD:




3. After you’ve done with creating a wallet and buying bitcoins, contact us back and will provide a bitcoin address for payment