COHIBA CIGARS were made in the once-top-secret but now-famous El Laguito facility in 1966 specifically for President Fidel Castro.

It was initially only used as gifts for dignitaries and foreign diplomats visiting Cuba.

Limited supplies of Cohiba have been sold on the free market since 1982. The term “Habano” is derived from an ancient Taino Indian word for the bunches of tobacco leaves

that Columbus first observed the island’s initial inhabitants smoking. This is the earliest type of Habano that is known. COHIBA CIGARS

The “selection of the selection” of the five best Vegas de Primera in the Vuelta Abajo zone’s San Juan y Martnez and San Luis districts constitutes the leaves for Cohiba.

Cohiba’s filler leaves, the Seco, Ligero, and the uncommon medium tiempo, go through a further fermentation in barrels,

which is unusual among Habanos. This innovative procedure creates a particular aroma and flavor that can only be found in Cohiba.